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About Us

Welcome to Jelingu! We are a London based digital branding agency. We have a creative team of animators, computer geeks, I.T geniuses and tech coders. Our normal isn’t normal

Our mission

Design is at the root of everything we do, it is central to our brand. We do not want to simply create products for our clients, but strive to create amazing user experiences that entertain, inspire and invigorate.

Our obsession

We like our products inspire, delight, inform, educate and entertain people of all ages. We love to work with entrepreneurs, and new startup.

Our passion

Doing things that are yet to be discovered, established or replicated. Our designers have produced award winning products, and we have no intention of stopping.

Some Of Our Favorite Projects

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Web design

SEO. E-commerce. Content Creation. Social Media Integration. UI/UX specialization. Email Marketing. Web apps.

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App design

We don’t just build apps, we bring them to life. IOS/ Android development. UI/UX Design. Wire frame design. Prototype design. App Marketing.

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Logo design. Seasonal campaigns. Social media strategy. Graphics design. Illustration. Brand strategy. Social media management.

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Explainer videos. 3D/2D Animations. Voice-overs. Storyboard creation. White board animation.

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